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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Head Covering Reflection/Update

It has been over five years since I started to cover my head during worship. At first I covered only during the church services: Breaking of Bread, the main service, and the evening service. It lasted for about three years.
Approximately three years ago I started to cover my head during Bible Study, choir practice, choir worship leading, and Prayer Breakfast. During church cleanup I wear a head wrap.  Since 2014 I adopted a habit of having a head scarf at hand, one in my purse and backpack. Throughout the day I may throw a covering on my head whenever I need to pray. I don’t mind if people watch, although I try to find the least crowded place possible.

My head covering styles had changed a bit. When I started to cover for the very first time, sometimes I would throw on sweater's hood, other times I would wear a hat, including baseball hats. Now my
covering consists mostly of scarves and kerchiefs, although I do wear hats from time to time.
I have never heard a single negative comment from my church about head covering. Few of my friends asked me questions. Some people complimented the scarves. There was only one negative opinion. It came from a person from a different church. The individual called me legalistic, backward Christian, and an old maid. This comment never stopped me from head covering. Instead, it helped me to persevere.
Two of my friends began covering during worship also. One of the ladies have been covering for about 10 months, another for almost two years.
The practice changed my heart. I became meek and bolder in sharing the Gospel. Last year it helped me witness to my classmates. Head covering could be an open door in so many cases.
Head covering has raised some questions. People asked me why do I have short hair.
Several years ago I lost half of my hair when I was 20 years old. It seems that hair loss had stopped. Hopefully, hair will regrow. When my hair reaches a certain length, I have few bald spots. That’s why I cut my hair to the level where it covers those spots. If/when my hair shall regrow I will grow it out.
 Head covering allows me to concentrate more on worship. The woman was created after
man before the fall. Angels are watching, which is not mentioned much in the Bible. They appear only several times in New Testament.
In every action, the Lord looks at our heart. Apostle Paul warns about the consequences of not having
the right heart before God. In many cases, we have a fear of people, not fear of God. In many cases, fear of
offending others leads to neglecting God’s word.
Few months ago our Young Adult Bible Study group was learning 1 Cor. 11. The passage was received well and many believe that the practice has the Biblical foundation.
Most people in my church believe that head covering is a personal choice. If the Lord leads you to do it, do it.
By no means head covering is the way to salvation. It's a step of obedience. If you are afraid/don't feel confident wear head covering. You can use hats and/or headbands.
The practice of head covering was prevalent until the 20th century. However, it decreased and almost disappeared in some places. Nevertheless, head covering is returning. Check out the page of the Head Covering Movement.
My current head coverings that I use at church, prayer meetings, ad Bible Study


  1. Thank you for sharing your headcovering experience.As for me,only few ladies of my church and close christian friends know that I cover.Mostly I use headbands.None of them denies what I do.I admire your courage,your scarves are so nice.

    Recently I got to know that not only in orthodox but some protestant churches in ex-soviet Union countries,ladies still keep headcovering.

    May God bless you all the time!


    1. There are churches in many countries that have protestant churches with many Russian-speaking people.
      I hope that someday head covering will be in forefront of main stream Christianity. There are hundreds of Christian literature on many topics, but head covering.

      God bless you,

  2. Dear Irina,
    This was a great article! Thank you so much for publishing it. I especially liked this part: "In many cases, we have a fear of people, not fear of God. In many cases, fear of
    offending others leads to neglecting God’s word." Yes! When we're afraid of offending others we end up neglecting God's word. I think that it's okay to "stand out" in a non-confrontational, non-arrogant way. It shines light into other people's lives.

    1. Dear Jessica,
      You are most certainly welcome. Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad that you liked it. Actually, I wanted to ask your opinion on the piece and then I saw your comment.
      In Christ,

  3. I think it's wonderful that you headcover. Good to know we are connected in that practice.

    1. Dear Chantelle,
      Thank you so much for your comment. It's great to meet you, another head covering sister. God bless you,