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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Awry Assumptions

Vision is one of the most important senses. We learn a lot through vision. Our eyes allow us to get information without engaging any other senses. Eyesight is great!
Sometimes our eyes can trick us. I don't mean optical illusions. People are aware of those. But some things look totally different fro what they are. In some cases we cannot recognize their true nature until we examine them. 

We make initial assumptions about the things based on their looks. However, looks are often misleading. Everybody have had an experience when our first impression was wrong. Everyone heard the saying, "Don't judge book by its cover;"  because first impression can also be false. In fact, first impression is wrong in many cases. Wrong impressions lead to wrong assumptions, dysfunctional results, and detrimental effects. At the very least, there are no benefits. At its worst it will destroy us. 
Last year few of my coworkers had first-hand experience about how appearance can be misleading. 
Looks like one thing

Empty on the inside
   Everybody exclaimed, "Cream Puffs".
There were no cream puffs inside. The container was empty. In fact I used to store spaghetti in the container. But by the time my coworkers showed interest, the container was empty. If I hadn't opened it, people would assume that it contained cream puffs. Sometimes we can expose lie only by opening the box and look inside. 
Everyone was frustrated that there was nothing inside, no cream puffs. Exposing lies and falsehoods will make some people frustrated or even angry. As I found out later, people expected me to share those cream puffs. How often people make plans just based on their assumptions without any actual evidence--a lot. I do it often, too often. 
Few days ago I was at the Bible Study in one of my friend's homes. before the study began we had supper: salad, some carrots, and salmon. Here in US and Canada people usually have dessert after supper. I didn't know that there was dessert. We started Bible Study after supper. 
It was warm summer night. We had our study outside on the back deck. After the study was over. I went inside for a second.
"Why there is raw salmon on the counter?" I asked one of my friends. I noticed a plate on the counter. The plate had orange squares that looked like salmon. I asked my friend why did she put frozen salmon out. Surely it seemed a bit confusing--we just had salmon. My other friend told me that it was watermelon dessert. I didn't believe her. However, I took a square and tried it. I was watermelon dessert. The flavor was amazing.
Most people were still outside. One of my friends took out the plate. I heard other people asking, "Why are you bringing in salmon?" 
Everybody enjoyed the dessert. If I believed my eyes, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the dessert.
Devil knows our weakness. Quite often sins are disguised as innocent things--even pleasurable. But sin is dangerous. It starts as little thing and then it sucks you in--very soon sin dominates person's life. Dangers of sin should not be underestimated. 

Looks like salmon
How many people believe lies and accept it as if it were the truth. In both cases the consequences were not drastic. People became surprised and disappointed. How many lies have drastic consequences and can even kill somebody--many.
We have to be able to distinguish those lies. Otherwise they will take hold of us. They will keep us away from great things, at the very least,preventing us from enjoying them. Lies can enslave. However, our God is so gracious-- He left us His Word as guidance.
John 7:24 "You must not judge by the appearance of things but by the reality!"
The reality might be different from our perception and we have to discern the truth. Otherwise we are in danger of accepting lies and living those lies.  



  1. Dear Irina, great article! I miss you so much. Kinuko

    1. Kinuko, thank you so much for your comment. I also miss you a lot.

  2. So insightful post.Yes,we have not to forget that our eyes are not dependable.Two incidents happened to you also seem to teach us this fact.Thank you for sharing.

    1. Sanae, I was hesitant to publish this post!

  3. Dear Irina,
    I have read some of your posts on Jessica's and Kinuko's blogs, and one post in particular caused me to rejoice and be so happy for you. You shared that you had another headcovering sister join you at your church! That is so wonderful!! I'm sure you've read my posts on their websites enough to know that I am a covering sister as well. I go to a church that teaches covering although not all the women cover. You and the other women that are the only ones who cover are inspirations to me. Through your testimonies and the Holy Spirit working on me, I also cover in other churches that may not hold to the teaching. Last summer, I taught a children's Bible class at a different church and had the bravery to cover my head at that time. So, anyway, I'm glad that God brought this woman to your church and the encouragement that it was for you! Praise the Lord!
    I have read a few of your posts, and Irina, I really love how you take everyday circumstances and apply them to the Bible or learn lessons from them. Many blessings to you! Ruthie

    1. Dear Ruthie,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I read your comments on Kinuko's and Jessica's blogs. Thank you so much for considering me an inspiration.
      My church doesn't preach head covering. Before I started to cover my head during worship,praying, and Bible study. I talked to some elders and deacons at my church. Their stance--if you feel like God is leading you to cover your head than do it. I am part of international gospel choir. It feels a bit intimidating when we are on stage in a large church and I am the only one who has her head covered.
      God bless you! Irina