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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lessons from Hobbit

Few days ago I had a chance to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Peter Jackson did an amazing job as always: the actors, the music, the scenery, the costumes, the decorations, the special effects, the plot line  -- everything deserve a standing ovation. Nevertheless, the movie teaches us some very important life lessons. Besides the importance of friendship, I learned 12 other lessons

The importance of encouragement

#1 Just because you are short and insignificant (according to others) now doesn't mean that you cannot do great things.

Bilbo was just a regular hobbit who never thought that someday he will be facing the dragon. At the beginning dwarfs doubted Bilbo and even made fun of him. However, the Hobbit saved their lives several times. He had shown courage when everyone else backed off. The Hobbit persevered when everybody else gave up, thus saving the treasure and returning dwarfs their home. 

#2 Adventures will come when you least expect it.

Mr. Baggins was sitting in front of his shire. Suddenly, a wizard showed up. The truth is -- we don't know what lie has in store for us. One thing for sure, we will get unimaginable adventures only if we get out of 'shire' -- comfort zone. Bilbo left all that he knew behind; yet the entire adventure had a tremendous impact. 

#3 Stay on the path.

I believe that everyone of us has a destiny to fulfill. However, in order to do so we have to stay on the path. The road itself may not be quite clear. I some cases you'll need to pause and look for the path under leaves and dirt. In other cases you will have to look harder. If you wander off the path, you will suffer great lost. 

#4 Get a Break

When Bilbo was in the midst of the dark forest, he decided to climb up the tree and look up. What ha saw made him startled and got rid of despair: beautiful tree tops, amazing sky, sunlight. The hobbit also saw the mountain. Quite often breaks give us more than just a well-needed respite. Bilbo was able to reaffirm his sense of directions.  When you can see your goal; even though it looks far away, hazy, dark and dangerous; it gives you new strength t pursue the goal. 

#5 Don't get carried away.

Its great to take a break; to escape the reality once in a while. However, you can get carried away pretty fast and lose touch with the reality. Bilbo stayed on a treetop for a long time. Spiders came in and attacked the group. Bilbo walked in an aftermath of the attack. Too often we get carried away by insignificant things from our man goal ad purpose. Usually when we realized that, it's too late. 

#6 The value of truth is not diminished by the number of people beliving in it.  

Closer to the end f the second movie, dwarves became very frustrated and were leaving the mountain. The lost faith  in finding the gate because they didn't see a keyhole, even though it was there all the time. Again, Bilbo's perseverance prevailed. In a case when very few believe the truth, it will still uphold the validity on its own. Quite often we have to wait in order to see the truth being manifested. Sometimes the truth will come in a different way; in the case of the movie, it was moonlight (not sunlight) that pointed Bilbo towards the gate. 

#7 It takes much effort to find the true treasure.

Bilbo came into Smaug cave for one purpose only -- to retrieve Arkenstone. The cave however, was filled with numerous other treasures to the point where Bilbo wasn't able to notice Arkenstone right away. He knew the stone one he found it. In this life true values can me masked by 'other treasures' the ones that are glimmering and dangling. The truth gets attention of those who seek just by being what it is -- the truth. 

#8 Pleasent things can cover up the danger.

Mr. Baggins didn't notice Smaug as soon as he entered the cave because the dragon was buried  under the treasures. Life perils are often covered up by many different things: false promises, false hopes, temptations, promise of riches, money and/or fame. Once we starting to dig in deeper -- the dragon comes out. We get petrified and starting to run away.  

#10 If the issue is not dealt with as soon as it arises it will have drastic consequences on everyone who is in the area.

If Smaug were killed a long time ago, people of Lake-town had to suffer from the dragon. If you are reading this and battling issues -- please start dealing with them now. Remember what had happened to once prosperous Lake-town. People for the most part became desolate and desperate.  

This reminded me how Christians can get consumed by an undealt sin. Just remember that your sin quite often doesn't simply affect only you, but it also affects friends, family and others who surround you.

#11 Help can come from least expected places. 

I bet you the Bilbo didn't expect Legolas and Taurel come to help Bilbo and company battling Orks. Later the Elves help Lake-town. Just because you had a misunderstanding or didn't click right away with a person or a group of people doesn't mean that you wouldn't get along or become friends. In my life I've experienced tremendous help and great surprises from total strangers.    

#12 Don't go into battle unprepared.

If you ended up in a battle without an armor and weapon, no matter how skillful you are, you have three options: to die to surrender or to ran. Neither of those choices will grant you victory. Unless the running is decoy, and the enemy will end up in a trap. We see Bibo and is friends running away throughout the entire movie. Even if you are running, you better make sure that your legs are strong.       



  1. This is very good, Sister Irina! The book is far better than (and way different from) the movie, but these are very good lessons to bring out if it and I can now kindle more respect for this movie, even though it pains me that they did so poorly with drawing from the book. I really enjoyed reading this post! Thanks!

    Yours ever,
    Kegan Cook

    1. You are very welcome, Sister Kegan!I agree, the book is far better.
      In Christ,