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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

105 Operation Christmas Child: Shoe Box packing Ideas

Christmas Season is rapidly approaching. Many churches have already started collecting shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, ran by Samaritan's Purse. The box gives child hope. Many of those children don't have basic necessities: soap, toothbrush, comb...It saddens me just to think about it. 
I have been packing shoe boxes for several years now. Packing those boxes is a very rewarding experience.  Below are 105 ideas for the boxes. Remember those children have very little.

  1. Water bottles--many kids don't have access to clean water,  Many live far from wells. A water bottle is appropriate for the children of different age groups, boys and girls.
  2. Flashlight--many don't have electricity. It's also a good idea to include spare set of batteries.  
  3. T-shirts--many children wear the same shirt everyday for many years. 
  4. Tank tops for girls. Sometimes girls wear them as undershirts and regular shirts.
  5. Socks--in many places cost too much money.
  6. Underwear
  7. Hair clips and hair elastics 
  8. Combs and hairbrushes 
  9. Toothbrush and toothbrush case 
  10. Bar soap and soap case
  11. Towels and washcloths 
  12. Balls--baseball, tennis ball, and other small balls.
  13. School supplies: calculator, eraser, pencil, pen, pencil sharpeners, ruler, pencil case
  14. Coin purses
  15. Markers
  16. Pencil crayons
  17. Bags--small enough to fit into the box
  18. Ponchos--the best thing to face the rain
  19. Sponges
  20. Notebooks and notepads
  21. Shoelaces
  22. Band-aids
  23. Headbands 
  24. Sewing kits
  25. Sticky tape (scotch tape)
  26. Whistle
  27. Ping-pong sets
  28. Jumping ropes
  29. Coloring books (younger children)
  30. Thermoses
  31. Canteens
  32. Flip-flops
  33. Bobby pins
  34. Jewelry
  35. Dental floss and toothpicks
  36. Sewing kit
  37. Scarves made of thing fabric 
  38. Shorts (for boys)
  39. Skirts
  40. Tights and leggings
  41. Hats
  42. Gloves and tool/garden gloves 
  43. Small blankets/quilts
  44. Toys
  45. Sketch pads
  46. Bandanas and kerchiefs
  47. Shawls
  48. Paintbrushes and brushes (older boys help with constrution work)
  49. Watercolor paint sets
  50. Play dough
  51. Spinning top
  52. Dresses (for younger girls)
  53. Puzzles
  54. Belts and sashes
  55. Blank cards
  56. Key chains ans key cases
  57. Measuring tape
  58. Small whiteboards with a marker
  59. Rubber toys (easy to wash)
  60. Soccer balls with needle and pump)
  61. Balloons 
  62. Compass
  63. Kazoos
  64. Harmonicas
  65. Binoculars
  66. Flash cards (also known as Q-cards)
  67. Leg warmers
  68. Stickers
  69. Plastic mirrors
  70. Rain hats
  71. Small lock (combination or key-lock)
  72. Vests
  73. Small chess/checkers sets
  74. Yarn and knitting needles (girls 10-14) 
  75. Embroidery floss/stranded cotton
  76. Sippy cups
  77. Small packs of tissues
  78. Small portable radio
  79. Small spatulas
  80. Small cutting boards (for girls 10-14 years old)
  81. Plastic magnifying glass
  82. Craft kit
  83. Stuffed toys
  84. Small reusable containers
  85. Plastic utensils
  86. Chalk
  87. Slinky 
  88. Luggage strap (older children)
  89. Folding umbrellas
  90. Clothes pins
  91. Fishing kits
  92. Kaleidoscope
  93. Small tools (boys 1--14)
  94. Folding fishing pools
  95. Small insect nets
  96. Sleepers
  97.  Body sponges
  98. Watches 
  99. Yo-yo
  100. Screws in a pack (for boys 10-14)
  101. Hammer (for boys 10-14 years old)
  102. Cloth Ribbons 
  103. Scissors in a plastic pack
  104. Pack of batteries
  105. A letter and a personal photo ( children love looking at pictures and letters/notes) 
Please remember to check the pamphlet for prohibited items: was toys, liquids, toothpaste, and any food, including hard candy.
National collection week is from November 16 till November 22, 2015.

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My first shoe box for this year


  1. After economic downturn in 2008, I and my son made shoe box for Japanese Brazilian kids in Japan. At that time,many Japanese Brazilian workers in my country lost their job for the recession. Samaritan's purse collected gifts for their kids.Many of their kids went to private school to learn Portuguese,but had to quit because of that they were fired.

    We have to remember people in need.We can be there.I am so glad that your sincere interest in them by this article again.
    May our God bless you for your loving kindness.


    1. Sanae, this is so sweet. I did not know that Samaritan's Purse works in Japan.
      You are right, we have to remember the people i need. The Lords has a special reminder for us. i am so happy that you and your son packed the box for those children.
      I sent you the letter on Monday.
      May we always aide in his love,