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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Like a Fog

In the past eight years I have seen more fog compare to all the previous years of my life. In Newfoundland fog can come in any season: spring, summer, fall/autumn,and winter.

Many cultures associated fog with mystery, fear,and something unknown. In many stories we observe how fog surrounds eerie places. I never heard of people who like fog. It obscures visibility. It reminds of uncertainty.
Fog doesn't show power. It doesn't break buildings. Fog itself does't kill people, unless it's poisonous. Fog is just present. It covers things up. Thick fog can stop planes from landing. Drivers have to be careful: more accidents.

Fog in Life

We don't know what tomorrow brings. We think we know where we going, but we do't know where the road will lead. Fog is everywhere. Unknown makes us uncomfortable.
When I walk through fog, I try to get through it as fast as I can, and yet I have to be careful. Fog can harbor danger. You cannot see far. In some cases fog obscures the landscape view, in other cases the road.
Fog covers the future. In some cases fog covers the past. How I wish I could remember the past better. As we move forward from past, the fog is rolling in,covering the details and memories. Many of my childhood memories like snapshots. My family remembers certain details better than I do. Most vivid childhood memories contain moments that have high emotional content: earthquakes, surgeries, threats of tsunami, poisonings, birthdays celebrations, concerts, performances. deaths and births. Maybe it's not too bad that some memories are gone. Maybe just maybe if we remembered everything it would hold us back.
What about future? Imagine if we knew that the future will be much better than our current life, we would spend too much energy on focusing on the future. On the other hand if we knew that the future is too grim, we would be living in fear.
It doesn't matter what happened in the past and what will happen in the future because God holds it. Nothing that will happen to us is surprise to God. The life with God it's not fog.
"See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me." Isiah 49:16              


  1. The life without God is like a fog.Yes,that's right. One of best things He gives us is to let us accept everything He allows to happen.Not only joyful incidents,but everything.

    Thank you Irina for sharing your thought even you are under trials now.I always am impressed by your sincerity.God bless you everyday in your life.


    PS I send you a card today,hoping it'll reach to you until 18th!

    1. Sanae thank you so much for your comment. I cannot wait for your card to arrive.