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Monday, October 13, 2014

Look up ans see...

It this time of the year...Thanksgiving. Few of my friends decide to through in a dinner for those who cannot go home. We had a nice crowd. Interestingly enough, many of people who came have friends in town. It was nice of them to come in and spend some time with us.We even 'Skyped' with two other friends.

Earlier that day

That day didn't have a good start. Mom phoned me in the morning and we talked as we usually do every other day. It hit me hard: I haven't seen my mom since 2009 and the rest of my family since 2007. I began questioning everything. "God, why me? Why is that turmoil in the world? Why do you withhold so many blessings from me? Look at that person their family is near them. Look at the other one they are getting married engaged..." Needless to say my rant escalated from that point and included some expressions which could be called by one word--censored. 
While I was at the top of my rant, a lady from church texted and reminded me that she'll be at my place soon. We were planning on going to Costco. That took my mind off "why me" state. 
Needless to say, Costco was crazy. Few times I thought that I might be killed by shopping carts running over or by that humane stampede. By God's grace neither had happened. I returned home safely and put my purchases away. 

See what's in the sky

I only had to walk fifteen minutes to my friend's house, but decided to live half an hour earlier. Most of the route is by a busy six-lane drive. So I got out and decided too look up. The sun came out at the moment when I was taking the picture. my eucharisteo moment started and lasted for almost half an hour..
Sun put me on a spotlight

I stopped and looked up. That's when majestic beauty of clouds captivated my heart. Cirrus clouds looked like stairwell. Combination of clouds and light created the effect of light pillars. For some of the shots I had to cross over to a traffic island. Traffic wasn't bad and I had few cars honked at me. It didn't matter.  

I wonder how many people paused and looked up. How many times do we miss beauty that's within our doorsteps and fingertips just because we are to busy with our daily lives. Just because we choose to listen to wrong voices, entertain wrong thoughts. How much will we miss?
I wish I had a better camera for that shot. You could have seen cirrus clouds layer which created the effect of stairs steps more contrast and details.
When I entered my friends house, 'stairs' and 'pillars disappeared few moments later; but I was on cloud nine.

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