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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Trying to Trust

At this point I am just trying to trust God. There are moments where I can say that I trust the Lord. There are times where I openly say, "Lord, I cannot trust you! Look at my life! Where are you God?". I know that many will quote Bible verses that I am already familiar with. Others say "You are looking for attention. You are being too selfish," and here is my 'favorite one', "Just get over it. Seriously, people are facing much more difficulties than you and they are doing so much better. Sweetie, you are being immature!" The worst part--those comments come from fellow Christians.I am not trying to bring down anyone. One of the hardest thing I learned that some of the attack we face as Christians will come from fellow believers.

Matthew 16:23-But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”  
It seems to me that church became somewhat o a social club--most people dress up, put on smiles and go away after the service is over. I am not talking about any particular church--just church in general. People get together with their certain group of people--clicks--after church.
It breaks my heart to see that church became somewhat of a social club where people listen to presentation/sermon hang out afterwards and then go away somewhere: homes, restaurants, and other places. People from the outside will not see major differences. They will ask, "Why do we have believe when we don't see differences?"

What Happens to You My Dear Church

I am calling out to church in general not to any particular church. Why are you trying to become more like this world. Why you preach great sermons from pulpits and do not practice what you preach. Why when somebody try to reach out, you run away saying "I'm busy". How are you different from the world.
Every church has rules and regulations. Worship follows the certain order. But so does an average secular conference.  You preach the message of love, but do you practice it. Usually after church service people break into small groups. Often they stop by the speaker/preacher to talk for a few moments. The same thing happens at a secular conference--speaker(s) talk in front of the audience. After the conference is over: People talk within small groups and some talk to speaker(s). And than everybody leaves, goes their own way.
It's sad to see that church becomes similar or in some cases almost the same. how often we see church staff worries about technical equipment, comfy seats, nice music, nice interior and exterior--basically anything except actual people who need to see the love of God.
Once church takes eyes of Jesus; once church steps away from Biblical principals-- church starts to die.  Recently I read the article regarding church sickness.  Many are being active Christians during Sunday services and Bible Studies. Some people would say that whoever is searching God shall find him. But Jesus never told us that we have to be Christians during Sunday service and Bible Studies. Some churches a lukewarm and God hates lukewarm churches.

Revelation 3:16--"So because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit yo out of my mouth."

 Lukewarm--only warm at the first touch, warm a little bit. Lukewarm people they seem friendly. They even greet people. But they don't go pass the surface politeness.
Lord Jesus said that the world will know us by the love to one another. Jesus told us to love our enemies.
This world is hurting, groaning from sin. Why someone would go to church when they see no differences between the world and the church. Moreover, people who have been hurt by church are likely to never go back, and even turn away from God.

Trust through trials

At this point I am going through many trials and challenges. However, I am not at the point where I want to walk away from church. Few of my friends walked away from church. I have seen people leaving church because of misunderstanding. People often draw conclusions about God and about Christianity from dealing with Christians. But the best way to learn about Christianity is to look at the life of Jesus. He never searched for comfort. Jesus went out of his way to reach out Samaritan's woman. The Lord talked to someone whom his disciples would avoid. Jesus always got his disciples safely through the storm: wet, scared but safe. In trials power of God shines through trials and hardships.
Let us be more like Jesus and show the light to the world. Because if we keep the light under the basket, we will start fire that can harm everybody.  
One of the old churches I saw in April. The church is a part of historical site.


  1. Many christian people -often so faithful ones- leave church disappointed,got tired also in Japan.
    The numbers of Japanese christians who attend church service are so few,but I know that many christians chose to leave church,keeping their faith only their own.
    (I've met such kind of believers.And one of them wrote comments on Kinuko's Japanese blog before.)

    Surely I cannot know what made them to choose this exactly,only He knows.
    But one time if the church loose the spirit of following Jesus,it can turn easily to be a social club as you say.

    I think that as a nature,we cannot trust God. We are inborn sinners who can never obey Him.Trust in God is a gift from Him.Only by His holy spirit,we can understand that He is truly worthy of trust,can relief under Him.

    So I do'nt trust in myself.Because I myself can never trust Him.This is not sad thing.
    Because of this, I never cease to ask Him to keep my faith,holy sprit inside me.

    I agree with you that people judge christianity and God from christian's attitude.As you prayed..may all of us be more like our Lord to show that He is alive. Sanae

  2. Sanae, than you so much for your comment. I believe that fellowship is important for Christian. We are part of the body of Christ. Even when Christian leave church, she/he should have fellowship with other believers. Irina