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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Important Impact.

Just over a month ago I turned 26. Turning 25 wasn't such a big deal. Twenty-six is the other deal/ I am officially closer to being 30.

We all have goals that we hope t achieve by the certain age. I always thought that by the time I'll hit my mid-twenties I would have a career and my own family. Well, I don't have either of those. My current job is not related to my educational experience. It took me three years to finish a post-graduate program which only supposed to be a year long.
You see I dropped out of the program three years ago. At this point I already had a Bachelor degree in Biology and Minor in French. Three years ago I discovered a lot of things about my family, myself. At some point I felt as if my world as crushing. Depression crept in took over.
Winter 2012 started well. The things slowly started going downhill in the mid-January. Needless to say by the time exams rolled in during second week of April I was a wreck.   Long story short--I dropped out of school. Dropping out of school is quite acceptable in the Western Culture. There are some people who look down on the matter.
In Russia dropping out of school equals disaster, shame, scorn, and people get ridiculed. Till this day my family in Russia doesn't talk about it. What they say to others is that I didn't finish because of some problems with my documents.
Three years later I have finished my studies and now all that separates me from graduation is the wok term or internship. I never thought that I'll be back.
The day when I returned to finish my ADWQ (advanced diploma in Water Quality) I encountered on of my former instructors, who is the fellow believer. He gave me so much encouragement. I also had peace regarding the decision.
Now the school year is over and I am almost finished my program. Three years ago I couldn't even fathom such thing.

Personal Struggles

However, after I turned 26, my life became somewhat more challenging.
You see, I am at the stage where most of my friends are getting married, having careers, and busy with so many important things. Looking around, I feel like my life is not full. But then I realize that God has placed important tasks on my heart.  Little things that some people even wouldn't pay attention to; joining postcrossing website and sending postcards all over the world. This small opportunity to share so many different things, in some cases even to give people hope.
My parents and the rest of my family worry about me a lot. Most of my classmates and friends in Russia, who are my age, are married with children. My mom told me that everyone--family friends--has been asking what's wrong with me; they even suggested that possibly I want to be with someone of y own gender. I know my family is under much pressure, especially my mom.

Birthday Gems

A day before my birthday one of the ladies from church took me out for lunch. I blew off some candles. The next day, my other friend took me out for lunch. In the evening I went to my friend's bridal shower.
One of the best thins to do: go to someone else's party on your birthday. There were many games. I even caught the bouquet during one of the games. It was so much fun. My friend even told me, "You caught the bouquet. You'll get married."

God's Love Shines Through

Despite all difficulties, I see God's work through the prism of difficulties and trials. I honestly cannot wait to see how God is going to work out and unravel the plan. There have been many different instances where the Lord showed His mercies and miracles.
The bouquet I caught at the bridal shower. 


  1. Beautiful bouquet like yourself! Once my church missionary said that it is blessing for you when your life seems not to go well,because of this you can stop and ask God without ceasing.I agree with her opinion.I was impressed at your frankness to share us your situation.I will pray for you. Sanae

    1. Dear Sanae, thank you so much for your comment. The reason why I decided to share my story: I hope it'll help someone out there. Irina

  2. Dear sweet Irina, the more I've come to know you, the more I feel attached to you and love you passionately in Christ. And yes, as Sanae said, that beautiful bouquet is like yourself. It is touching to hear that you are giving hope to many people through postcrossing program. Irina, I dropped out of school when I was in the mid-twenties. I was a seminary student at that time, but because of my personal problems, I just could not continue. I left both my own church and seminary. So I can relate to what you shared with us about dropping out.

    But I could not tell this part of my story like you. I admire you, Irina. You are so honest, humble and sweet. Thank you so introducing my latest post on your Twitter (Sanae kindly told me about this). with love, and even more love to you, Kinuko

    1. Dear Kinuko we both come from backgrounds where dropping out of school is considered failure. Here in the West most people don't have negative view when someone decides to drop out of school. However, when many of my friends found out that I was returning to finish out the same program from which I dropped out, they were a bit perplexed.
      Three years ago I felt the defeat. Now I know that it w just a detour in my life journey.
      With much love, Irina

  3. Dear Irina

    This post has made a significant impact on me and has encouraged me to make some important changes in my life.

    I have also joined Postcrossing!!

    Thank you, and God bless you.


    1. Dear Lydia,

      What a joy to read the comment!! I am so glad that you joined postcrossing.
      I am so thankful for you--Lydia.

      God bless you,