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Sunday, July 31, 2016

27 Things About My life

This May I turned 27. Today I decided to share with you twenty-seven interesting things about my life. Many people find those facts quite interesting

#1 I was born in the country that doesn't exist today

I was born in USSR in 1989. The country disintegrated in 1991. The country is also known as the Soviet Union. Currently, the place where I was born located in Russia.  

#2 I was born closer to US/Canada than to Moscow

I was born in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The city is located on Kamchatka Peninsula. We left when I was 2-3 months old. Hopefully, I will visit this place someday.

#3 My secondary school had spread across three continents

Because we moved a lot, my schooling was in Asian and European parts of Russia. Grade 12 I did in the US.

#4 I left Russia at the age of 17

I became a participant of the FLEX program. After that, I moved to Canada.

#5 I wrote fiction and it was published

Some years ago I wrote two short stories. They were published in two different magazines: Praise Writers  and Twisted Endings.

#6 I am a sweet tooth

I love sweet things: cakes, candies, pastries, smoothies, caramel, chocolate, vanilla. I have to be careful with those things. They can be harmful healthwise.

#7 I have two cats

The first cat was adopted from a shelter. The second cat's owners were moving and could not take the kitty with them.

#8 My Bible is bilingual 

One side is in English and another side in Russian.

#9 I didn't speak English until I was 17

I knew a bit of English: just barely. It was hard to live in the US for the first few weeks. I felt like I was deaf and mute. 

#10 My English is better than Russian

If I had a choice to speak English or Russian, I would choose English. In the past few months, I told my mom that I would speak English to her if she knew speaking English well.

#11 My love towards reading

I love books. I read a different kind of books: fiction, history, science, and other books.

#12 Chess player

I used to play chess when I was 10-16 years old: participated in various competitions. I even got level C according to international classification.

#13 My love for puns

It's not noticeable on my blog, but I love puns. Sometimes I say, "Apple is the most appropriate computer for vegetarians." This one is  almost eight years old.

#14 I am not good at waiting.

I am able to wait in the lineup/queue at a store. I have no problem waiting for a certain event/appointment when I know the date. The hardest part of waiting not knowing when something will happen: you are waiting and praying, but the answer doesn't come yet. 

#15 I love cooking

Whenever I have time, I cook. I love trying out new recipes.

#16 Traveling

I have traveled quite a bit in the past. I also visited Japan when I was 16 years old.

#17 One of my childhood dreams came true

When I was a teenager I wanted to have a friend from Japan. Now I have not just one but two Japanese friends.

#18 Guest Post

Last year my guest post was published on (in)courage website. I felt privileged because many famous christian authors are regular contributors. I remember thinking how it made me special. Maybe someday I will be published somewhere else.

#19 I endured a lot of bullying during middle school. 

I hated to go to middle school. There were cases when fellow classmates would through a dirty rug in my face. I can say that today I forgave those people.

#20 I had a lot of surgeries

I had seven major surgeries from the age seven to fourteen. They were on my legs and arms.

#21 I have seen Michael W. Smith at the life concert

Ten years ago he was performing at one of the churches  I went out with one of my friends and her parents. It was glorious.

#22 I am not crazy about new gadgets 

I don't have an iPad, iPod or the latest smartphone. 

#23 Writing Letters

I love writing real letters with pen on paper. It creates a more personal connection. 

#24 People mistake me for many different nationalities

I have been mistaken for Italian, Hispanic, Hungarian, Middle Eastern even South Asian, thanks toy olive-colored skin. However, I do have some South European ancestry and a Persian ancestor.

#25  Newfoundland

For now, I live in Newfoundland, the most eastern place of the North America.  

#26 I did the Edge Walk

A few years ago I visited a friend in Ontario and I did the Edge Walk. It's a walk on the outside of CN tower. You'll get so much adrenaline. 

#27 I have visited Niagara Falls

Such glorious falls located at the Canadian/US border.  







  1. Reading this post,I felt that I could know you more.
    I'm glad to know No.17 and No.23!
    As for No.24,I am the same.Many people including Japanese mistook me for Chinese,Vietnamese,Philippina,Korean.Some kids asked me of my 'true'nationality.It might happen because I live in the area where many immigrants live.

    No.19 made me think a lot.May God bless you for your sincere faith.

    When I was a young girl,USSR was far country.Not so much information about the country in Japan then.
    Russian literature,chocolate(There are famous chocolate brands called Gonchaloff,Morozoff which Russians in Japan made.So delicious!),Orthodox church,some communist leaders,Matryoshka.These were all I knew about Soviet then.After Russia came out,many info came also to Japan.

    I am so glad to know you and your faithful life,too.Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. There are many misconceptions about Soviet Union. I am glad you like the article.

  2. Dear Irina,

    Wow, it's so sweet! I really enjoyed reading all of these 27 facts about you:) As for me, #1 made me ponder a lot! And I thought you were really created for a heavenly citizen in a real real sense. Also, I was amazed to know when I read #5.

    #5 I wrote fiction and it was published

    Some years ago I wrote two short stories. They were published in two different magazines: Praise Writers and Twisted Endings.

    Would you tell me more about this process? What made you decide to write these fictions?

    1. Dear Kinuko,

      When I was in Junior High/Middle school, one of my teachers told me that I have a talent. She said that my compositions made her glad. She died in 2009.
      I will explain you in the e-mail the details.