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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sin Lies: Not a big deal

This post is a part of Sin Lies series from First and Second Blog.
Sin lies in many ways. It doesn't matter, is one of the lies. Nobody sees my sin. Sin is not a big deal. This is a minor thing. I can stop whenever I want. I just need to give in once because of the special circumstances; then I'll get it out of the system. One time will not affect me. I cannot deal with that unless I give into the sin.

After the first time, there is the second time. The more we give in, the greater power sin gains. When sin goes unchecked, we hardly even notice how fast it can get out of control. Soon, it begins to rule over our lives.
At first, we try to convince ourselves that nobody notices our sins. Whatever I do behind the closed doors is nobody's business. It's my life and I can do whatever I want.  As long as the sin doesn't hurt anybody, my sin is not a big deal. 
We want certain forms of sins to be acceptable.  Our sin hurts God. It changes our heart. Sin can be unnoticed to other people but never to God. A single sin is enough to separate us from God for the eternity. 
“For the person who keeps all of the laws except one is as guilty as a person who has broken all of God’s laws.” James 2:10  
We can get defensive when someone confronts our sin. Sometimes we even minimize the tendency of sin. As people, we have a tendency to compartmentalize sins: sometimes viewing some sins as character flaws.
We forget that our lives belong to our Lord.    
It is very easy for a sin to get a foothold. It comes as a small innocent creature. Giving in for the first few times, we need excuses. Thus we making a peace with sin. Once the sin has a stronghold, it doesn't need our permission to rule over our lives. It rules with an iron grip, which will do everything to stop us fro escaping.
Usually, we notice the continuous sin when it has done damage. Too often we confront the effects of the sin. We think we have a victory when the effects of the sin are not visible. Perhaps, sin was not killed but hid deep inside the hearts. Apostle Paul told us to examine our hearts. This will expose the hidden sins. 
Sin plays on our weaknesses and it attacks us in the areas where we are the weakest. We need constantly examine our hearts: to find those weak spots.
When we displease God, we are pleasing Satan. We cannot serve both masters. Let's please the Lord.



  1. So many great points, Irina! Thanks for sharing and being part of the series! Yes- let's live to please the Lord!

    1. Thank you Bethany for the opportunity to be a part of the series!