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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

While we are....

Yesterday, a historic event took place: USA presidential elections. As soon as final results were announced, many flooded social media to express their opinions. People showed various types of reactions: from fear to excitement, from despair to hope, from love to hate.

I lived in the USA for about a year: 11 months to be exact. Many people asked me whom I prefer as the USA President. I try to avoid answering this question. Some of my close friends know the answer. Tha country had one of the most controversial elections in its history. The preference for either candidate has divided families and friends. I am not going to defend or blame either of the individuals. It will cause more contention.
 Apostle Paul told us to pray for our leaders. Albeit he lived under one of the worst persecutions. If there is one man who is entitled to hate the government, it's Apostle Paul. We have to defend our faith, not political candidates. Imagine how the world would change if we spend the same amount of time defending Gospel as we protect our earthly things.
I have been in many churches. I have seen modern churches with comfortable seats and
In front of a diverse audience. I have seen small churches, some of them as small as an apartment. Yes, I have seen a church in the apartment building.
In many churches, people do not go past spiritual childhood. They prefer simple truth and nothing more. Sometimes they become famous Christian authors and speakers. They talk about God's love and how it's amazing. They present God as someone who'll lead us to prosperity and success. They say Christians don't need to be sick because they live the life of victory. Whenever they hear of someone going through trials, they say that the person doesn't have enough faith. Someone told me that I have allowed demons into my life and that's why I am suffering, that's why bad things have been happening to my family, that's why I have been having problems.They put this life on earth on an alter turning it into an idol without realizing it. This is a plight of many western Christians. In addition, it's also in some places in Africa.  
While we are focusing on this life, we are missing out on eternity, opportunities to change someone's eternal destiny. I know people who go to church just because they like the sermon, design of the building and how the preacher is being so motivating and how sermon makes people feel better.
We need to put comfort aside for the sake of the Gospel. God is not a fairy or a Jinny. He is the creator of the universe.


  1. Japanese media is continuing to report about the result of election from yesterday.Japanese government seems to worry about TPP and security.

    Sometimes I've heard that some christian leaders teach their church members like 'As christians,you should (or not)support him/her,this policy'.I do not think it's good.Because it can take away place for people with different opinions from their churches.This phenomenon is also seen in Japan,especially in liberal churches.

    In USA,there are many sincere christ believers.We know some of them.I hope that God be with them always and His will be done in the country.


    1. Dear Sanae,

      I published the post by accident, when it was still a draft. Now I edited it and it's in its proper way.
      I agree with your comment.


  2. Thank you for telling about it! This year I have many opportunities to visit nurcing home,hospitals to see our church members who are hospitalized.Everytime I go there,God seems to teach me many important things.

    One of them is that in Him we can still have a way to appriciate even under trials,in weakness,in inconvinience.

    I agree with words,Ecclesiastes 7.2-4 saying
    'It is better to go to the house of mourning,than to go to the house of feasting.For that is the end of all men,and the living will lay it to his heart.

    Sorrow is better than laughter,for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better.

    The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning,but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.'

    Off course I do not deny to be happy.It's so good for us to rejoice.But I feel that sadness and trials teach us a lot,more than pleasure in many cases.

    I can say,without suffering in my youth I had never ask God seriously nor notice how we need Him.God use even our sadness to let us turn to Him,I think.

    It's not only because of that I was born in non christian country.If I was born in christian country,I would be same.

    My Philippina friend (she married Japanese in Cebu,now lives in Japan.)said to me,'If you could meet someone who has true relationship with God at church,you are so so happy.' I guess that she is right.

    To be a christian does not mean to live successful life.
    Seeing many weakness of people now,life with my handicapped son made me feel that way more.


    1. Sanae, we studied Ecclesiastes during the Summer. Suffering has a purpose and the Lord knows what it is